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Indiana scooter law confusion results in headache for Kentucky man

John Schuttak, of Henderson, commutes to Evansville everyday for school on his scooter.  

When Indiana scooter laws changed this year, John says he tried to go the Indiana BMV and get the new necessary scooter endorsements.

John says he was told he couldn't register, because he didn't live in Indiana.

So he went to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Kentucky, who told him he had to go back to Indiana.

Last night, Evansville Police ticketed John was not having the required scooter registration for Indiana law. 

John says its not fair cause he tried to do the right thing.

"I went to the Indiana office and said I need a registration. They asked me where I lived.  I said Henderson.  They said they couldn't help me because I live out of state.  I asked what I should do and they said we can't give you one," says Schuttak.

Captain Andy Chandler with the Evansville Police Department tells 14NEWS that there is a provision in the Indiana Motor Driven Cycles laws that allow for BMV locations to register scooter drivers, even if they don't like in that particular state.

14NEWS spoke with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles office in Indianapolis.  We were not given a clear answer as to what the law exactly states and what that means for Tri-state scooter drivers.  

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