EPD questioning circumstances surrounding robbery

EPD questioning circumstances surrounding robbery

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville police respond to calls of a hold-up in the 600 block of East Columbia street.

The victim of the robbery called police from a food stand.

Evansville police say no arrests have been made and the robbery has suspicious circumstances.

PIO Andy Chandler says the the suspect was an acquaintance of the victim and right now it isn't striking him as a legitimate robbery.

Officers are speaking to both the suspect and the victim and following other leads.

Chandler says the victim has changed his story and is reporting some odd circumstances.

First he said he was walking down the street when the suspect pulled a gun on him and then said he was in a different location.

Chandler says police are familiar with the suspect, who has a criminal past.

Evansville police are still investigating the case and Chandler says police are still on scene trying to follow up on leads and get statements.

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