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Petition Against Muhlenberg County tax gaining momentum

People opposed to a three percent utility tax in Muhlenberg County have taken to Facebook. More than 17-hundred people now like the Voters Against the Utility Tax in Muhlenberg Facebook page (

And they are going old school too by circulating a petition. The Muhlenberg County Board of Education voted three to two on Monday in favor of the tax which would raise money for the struggling school district. 

The petition was available the day after the board of education passed the tax. Organizers say more than 250 people signed the petition within the first few hours. Locky Beasley is one of them.

“I'm not against the tax. I'm against three people in a county of approximately 35,000 telling me I have to pay for their misappropriation of funds. And that's not right,” said Locky Beasley, Muhlenberg County Resident.

Organizers placed the petition in several businesses across the county. They say they have more than 800 signatures and need fewer than 500 more for the issue to be put on the ballot. Organizers have 45 days to turn it into the clerks office. 

The district is facingdeficitcit next year and the tax could bring in 1.5 million dollars in new revenue. Doris Knight works at Country Roads Auto Sales and Power Sports. She says it's been a constant stream of people signing the petition at her business.

 “They are older people mainly. We've had all ages, but it seems like they appear to be on fixed income. So we've had a great number of older people come in," said Doris Knight, Country Roads Auto Sales and Power Sports.

Organizers say they plan on turning in the petition to the Muhlenberg County Clerk's Office within the next three weeks.

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