Southridge High School cheerleading coach honored

Southridge High School cheerleading coach honored

HUNTINGBURG, IN (WFIE) - A coach's success is typically measured by wins and losses.

But over the course of three decades that statistic can be rivaled by the impact that coach has on the lives of others.

Penny Alstadt is the coach of the Southridge High School cheerleading team in Huntingburg.

Her love for the sport began when she was in high school at Southridge.

"I just love cheerleading, love being out here, love being in this gym and cheering on all the players," said Penny.

After high school, she traveled across the country as an instructor for the National Cheerleaders Association.

In 1984, Penny returned home to Huntingburg and became the head cheer coach at Southridge. A new role for Penny and a new position for the school.

"I challenged them to do something they are not used to doing. We put on lots of performances here at this gym floor, lots of years," said Penny.

Penny's 30 years as head cheer coach were recognized Saturday night during a surprise halftime ceremony.

Cheerleaders past and present showed up to show their coach just how much she means to them.

"She is very passionate in what she does not only the sport itself but about each and every one of her cheerleaders."

"She can keep pushing us forward even when we want to stop."

"She wants you to do your very best."

"She always wanted to see us succeed and she was more than just a coach to us. she acted kind of like a second mom and so she does hold a very special place in all of our hearts."

Penny made a difference in the cheerleading community and she says she has no plans to stop.

"Every time I walk into the practice room, every time I walk into the mat, every time I walk into this gym, its just home and until that day is over, I'll continue."

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