Woman accused of hitting, killing man in Las Vegas is a DMV employee

LAS VEGAS, NV (KSNV) - A woman arrested for hitting and killing a Las Vegas father is actually a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles employee.

49-year-old Ismael Moreno, a father of two, rode the bus to work and was coming home when he was hit Sunday morning.

Detectives say 24-year-old Samantha McLeod admitted to taking off after hitting Moreno with her pickup truck.

"When you know you it's not your fault, you stay there. You don't run. But when you know something you made wrong, you run. You scared. It's normal. It's instinct to protect yourself," said Mayra Robles, victim's sister in law.

For the past four years, McLeod has worked at the DMV office.

She was recently promoted to giving driving tests, where part of her responsibilities are to make sure drivers are safe and have good judgment.

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