Youth Resources comes up with unique way to get winter clothing to those in need

Youth Resources comes up with unique way to get winter clothing to those in need

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - In the basement of the First Federal Savings Bank on First Avenue, teens with Youth Resources meet. It's a place for mentorship, and to encourage and strengthen teens' leadership skills.

"Creativity is the key here. Anything you can think of to help others. That will take a cyclical effect where then you've helped those people who in turn help other people, who then in turn help other people," said Youth Resources Director, Ann Burnworth.

Sunday was Burnworth's last day to lead Youth Resources. But on this final day before her retirement, she had one more idea for the teens.

"The youth we serve need to have a good idea about how something so simple, just extra things you may have in your closet you can go out and do to provide help to someone in need," said Burnworth

With the winter months still ahead, Burnworth decided to tie warm clothing to the branches of a tree outside their meeting place for those who need it most.

She included notes to keep not only themselves warm, but their hearts warm too.

"If they needed that and it was there and it made them feel better, that makes all of us feel better--and I hope they're gone tomorrow," said Burnworth.

Burnworth she says she hopes her small act of kindness will inspire the organization she put so much love into over the last decade to reach out and keep striving to improve the place we all call home.

"They'll come up with much better ideas themselves to help others. Again, it's just the snowball effect where one person helps a few people, then they help others and before you know it we just have a great community full of really caring people."

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