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Student celebrated at Bosse High School homecoming game


A Bosse High School basketball game was more than a game to one player.

A special education student who doesn't usually get to play, got to hit the court and score while his teammates cheered him on.

"I think it was probably the most defining moment of my coaching career," said Shane Burkhardt, who coaches the Bosse High School basketball team.

The coach let Junior Kyle Cardin in to play, and as he scored his first varsity points, his teammates rushed the court in celebration.

"That kind of tells you what our school thinks about him," said Larry Cochren, the Athletic Director of Bosse High School.

His peers say he's a popular kid not just on the court, but off it too.

"It's a handshake, pat on the head, whenever Kyle walks by," said Burkhardt.

And it's his dedication to the team that made the Coach Burkhardt decide to put him in for the crucial last two minutes of the game.

"It was fun, I really like the team, the team means a lot to me, I wouldn't know what to do without the team, they're like family," said Kyle Cardin.

In the game footage, you see Kyle take the ball down court, try to score and miss. But then he proves that third time's the charm and gets a three-pointer for the team, shooting the basketball from 25 feet back.

"I loved the shot, as soon as I shot the ball I knew it was going in," said Kyle.

Every day for the past four years, Kyle has gone to practice with the team.

"He never misses, he hasn't missed from our football program, for our basketball program," said Burkhardt.

And last Friday night, all his hard work paid off. An opportunity his coach says was well deserved.

"A great moment for a great kid," said Burkhardt. "He loves being a part of the team, he epitomizing Bosse High School and what we stand for."

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