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School Board gathers public input on proposed tax

 In Greenville tonight, opposition to a proposed 3 percent tax on utilities. The tax would generate about 1.5 million dollars for the struggling Muhlenberg County School district.

The majority of the 15 people who spoke this evening are against the tax. One speaker says the proposed utility tax would penalize businesses that use a large amount of electricity. Phillip Scott has kids in the school district. “I talked to the board about their budget and ways to cut their budget, “said Scott,” I would like to see the utility tax not be imposed. That it be put to vote for the citizens at the next election." 

The district is facing a projected 8 million dollar budget shortfall next year. Craig Dietrich told the board he doesn't want to see a utility tax passed unless more budget cuts are made. “I am for a utility tax after all of the budget is cut...after all the fat is cut off the budget,” said Dietrich.

The public has 45 days to present a petition to the county clerk's office if the board passes the tax with two thousand signatures against the tax. The utility tax would then then be put on the ballot for a special election.

The Muhlenberg County Board of education is expected to vote on the proposed utility tax on Monday.

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