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Arson investigation after three fires in same abandoned Evansville home

Evansville fire investigators looking into a series of arson cases on the south side.

Investigators say three arson fires have all happened at an abandoned home in the 1100 block of South Linwood Avenue, over the past three months.

The latest one happening late Wednesday evening.

Investigators say people are breaking into the building and setting anything they can find on fire.

And investigators found drug paraphernalia upstairs.

Marty Baggett lives just down the street.  She says she's lived in the neighborhood for 45 years but she's concerned about her home.

"Well yeah it does concern me because if the fire would get out of control and spread to the next house, there's nothing to stop it.  These houses are probably over a hundred years old.  Many of them haven't been kept up and if it gets to be a very good fire, it's going to go from house to house.  I'm not that far away and I don't want my house burning down," says Baggett.

Evansville Fire Department investigators have asked the city to board up the abandoned home again, to keep people out.

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