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Daviess Co. Judge Executive remembers Wendell Ford


Thursday was a sad day for friends and family of former U.S. Senator, Wendell Ford.

No one knew Ford better than his family and friends that he worked with over the years.

Daviess County Judge Executive, Al Mattingly, said he and Ford had some great conversations. He said Ford was a great Statesmen for both the state and the nation and that he was all about doing what he felt was right for the community and interests of the people he served.

Mattingly said he is really going to miss him.

“Very seldom in this day in age can you have a discussion where you hear exactly what is on someone's mind, most of the time it's couched in innuendo and they do a little dance and a little jig to avoid the real issues, but Ford didn't do that,” he said.

Others have said Ford's passing came as a shock, but he leaves a lasting legacy for many.

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