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Jerry Hickman's email to 14NEWS

“My personal Facebook account was hacked sometime late last week. On Thursday, I made a generic post that could have been titled” a day in the life of… a firefighter.

I also had made reference please remember to thank your local firefighters, paramedic & EMT and your local police officers.

I had made a couple comments in reference to the generic picture I had posted. Then there were a few questions, who, what when, etc and I decided to take it down.

Then sometime late last weekend I found it had been circulating with different information and pictures.

This post that is circulating has been modified or altered by unknown person or persons.

I have been in and around the fire service for 57 years and would never do what I am being accused of…. I believe I know of the culprit. If it is who I believe he flunked out of an EMS class I was teaching several years ago not once but twice and once we are sure will be dealt with appropriately. With this being said, there are over 550,000 fire calls daily in the US and I am sure there are millions of pictures out there all over the internet.

The picture I posted was not to bring attention to myself but to all fire fighters across the country for what is seen all too often. I was also sure to use a picture that nothing could be recognized out of respect to those involved.

I was a firefighter/NREMT for nearly 20 years. If my father had lived 4 more months he would have had 50 years in the fire service. (he died in 1999 and my mother was a nurse).Besides being a firefighter/NREMT, I also taught several EMS classes, basic, pre hospital trauma life support, some of the paramedic curriculum for Bayhealth Medical Center and have also taught at DE State Fire School and DE Tech. I also taught CPR/AED and First Aid for Nanticoke Hospital. I worked for several companies in different capacities here as well as EMS Director for US 13 Speedway and Dragway and EMS Director for Delmarva Motorsports Park (a motocross track and a 3/8 mile oval dirt track). I have also worked several events for NASCAR and the IRL.

I have spent the last 7+ years manufacturing a product I designed and patented that help emergency responder's find a location of the emergency quicker and about to launch the product nationwide.

Why would I claim something like this that I am being accused of??

Last night 911 Locator Systems posted 2 rewards….

#1 it is being told that I rescued and saved the girl in the modified post. I have never claimed I saved this unknown person. For all the so called “know-it-alls” that want to circulate this and make comments we offered a $1,000 reward to the first person to show where it was stated in any of my posts “I rescued and saved this person/child”

#2 We also offered a $5,000. Reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or persons that are responsible for altering my post. They took a personal post and tied it with a company I am CEO of and apparently have been posting email addresses and phone numbers for the business.

We have turned over all the information we have or know to the Delaware State Police for investigation and criminal charges as well as everything to our attorneys for possible civil litigation. Apparently there are these modified copies circulating in, I believe, Indiana but cannot access any of it because I have been blocked from seeing it.

There will be no other comments from me until the authorities have done their jobs………

Jerry Hickman CEO

911 Locator Systems Inc.”

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