Police: Virginia man stole cruiser, led dangerous chase

Police: Virginia man stole cruiser, led dangerous chase


Police in eastern Kentucky say a Virginia man led police on a high speed chase in a stolen police cruiser.

The Laurel County Sheriff's Department says 18-year-old Donald Fox of Fort Valley was arrested early Sunday morning near London.

Police were pursuing Fox after an injury traffic crash on US 25 after midnight. Police say Fox got into a constable's police cruiser after the constable left the car to chase him around a building. Fox fled in the car and led other officers on a pursuit exceeding 100 miles per hour on US 25.

Police were able to shoot out the tires of the car, and when Fox exited the cruiser he was brought down by officers with a taser.

He is facing charges including attempted murder of a police officer, theft and wanton endangerment.

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