Water On The Rise In Tri-State

UPDATE, MON, 11:00 AM: The water continues to rise across parts of the Tri-State.

A levee in the Decker Chapel area of southwestern Knox County has failed, prompting a Flash Flood Warning by the National Weather Service.

Mount Carmel, Illinois officials are meeting this hour at City Hall, trying to decide if they need to evacuate any residents because of flooding.

In Knox County, the White River has crested, but it's still causing plenty of problems for residents. The river has spilled over the Knox County levee. That levee is now a virtual waterfall, drowning homes in Edwardsport, Indiana.

But the overflow is also effecting towns as far as three miles away, where they're fighting to stay above the water. The White River has started to recede, but not yet enough for it to go below the levee's height.

Reporter: Emily Sinovic

Web Producer: Amber Griswold

Previously:Some Tri-state rivers crested Sunday, but that hasn't stopped floodwaters from spilling over levees.

Sunday afternoon there was a flash flood warning for portions of Knox County after it was reported that the levee broke near Westphalia.

The confusion over whether the levee actually broke came after water began spilling over the levee making it somewhat like a waterfall. But it was not caused by a break, it was simply the rising water spilling over the top of the levee.

The people in Edwardsport are happy to see a crest in the White River Sunday at 27.7 feet, but they still don't think there will be relief from the flooding anytime soon.

Seven homes in Edwardsport were evacuated due to flooding, and the residents said they don't think they will be able to go back home for quite some time.

But the people in Westphalia, who normally don't have to deal with flooding, could be facing flooding problems since the levee is no longer holding out the flooded White River.

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