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Plan in the works to save historic Evansville building


Help could be on the way to save an historic Evansville building at risk of being torn down.

As of now Kelly Coures, with the Department of Metropolitan Development, says after talking with Indiana Landmark, they are very confident they can attract some extra capital this week in hopes to save the Owen Block buildings.

Coures says there is some money left over from a 2006 bond for stabilization purposes.

The next meeting is January 22 at 1:00 p.m. where Coures is hopeful everything will be in place so Mike Martin with architectural renovators can put together a solid plan.

Coures says the city may be able to move some existing funds and free them up to help with the effort.

Marsh Davis with Indiana Landmarks says 3 majors donors stepped up totaling $120,000.

The building was built in 1882 as four separate town homes.

Local businesses say they will be sad to see it go.

"It's part of the landscape here so to see something like that torn down would be devastating, but if they can put something back and not just leave a patch of grass there," said Jill Bippus.

A recent tweet from Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winneke shows he is a supporter of saving the historical building.

The option for Indiana Landmarks to purchase the Owen Block building expires this March.

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