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Henderson bar death trial

Henderson bar death trial

Happening today, three former security guards accused in a death at a Henderson bar are expected to go on trial.  Details are ahead on Sunrise.

City Council drama

Public money for the downtown Evansville convention hotel and a city residency ordinance were hot topics at Monday night's City Council meeting.  We'll have a recap.

Preparing for the big chill

A big temperature drop is coming tomorrow.  As for today, Byron says expect high temps at or above freezing across most of the region.  His complete forecast is ahead on Sunrise.

Work on Twin Bridges

If your commute takes you on the southbound bridge into Henderson, you've probably noticed a sizable pothole in the passing lane. Deanna Allbrittin is Live at Sunrise to explain when the work to fix it will start and how long it's expected to last.

OPD citations

Owensboro Police officers plan to hand out some unusual citations this year. They'll be recognizing people doing good things in the community.  Details are coming up.

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