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3 arrested in Ft. Branch meth bust


Three suspects are accused of manufacturing meth in Gibson County.

28-year old Holly Hunter, 28-year old Kim New-Newnum, and 26-year old Scott Bates are facing meth making charges.

Police say, it is possible that more charged will be filed. 

The arrests occurred at a house on South Center Street in Fort Branch. 

The town marshall, Rick Sides, says he went to the house because of an unrelated issue but he says the smell of the meth made him suspicious. 

Sides says he could smell a chemical odor from the doorway. He got a search warrant and he says, when he went inside the house, he found three meth labs. 

The neighbors say the discovery has made them very nervous. 

"It scares me for my daughter," says Whitney Skimmerhorn.

Skimmerhorn's parents live on South Center Street, two houses away from where the meth labs were found. She says she often brings her one-year old daughter to her parents house. She says a park also sits within 1,000 feet of the meth home.

"It could have exploded and caught fire to the houses and then, by the time we would have realized it, it would have probably been a couple houses down and then right there," says Skimmerhorn. 

She says she wants to thank Sides for finding the problem and then removing the suspects from the street.

"I am very grateful that he was there," says Skimmerhorn. "We need to get these people and we need to get them now before something really bad happens."

The three suspects were in court on Monday. They are being held at the Gibson County Jail on a $1,250 bond.

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