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Union Co. miners talk about impact of mine closures


A new year, a new goal for hundreds of Union County, Kentucky miners. Find new jobs.

Patriot Coal has announced they will permanently close the Highland Mine and Dodge Hill Mining Complex.

"I've been underground for 13 years. I'm a third generation coal miner. It's something we've always done. It's always been around. I love," said Brent Rose, former Highland Mine employee.

Rose is one of 670 miners now out of work since Patriot Coal announced the closure Wednesday of the two mines.

"When I found out today I was out of a job it made me sick. I've got a family to take care of. It's just that dilemma of what to do and how am I going to support my family now," said Rose.

Now that work is drying up, former Highland Miner Chad Fenwick says he's worried the community will dry up too.

"The mom and pop stores are really going to be hit. Wal Mart is going to make it. The dollar store is going to make it. But the small businesses ... They're going to be hit hard," said Fenwick.

As for Rose, who actually moved from Eastern Kentucky earlier this year to work at Highland, he and his family are weighing their options. Rose says his family may be on the move again.

A union representative says there will be a special meeting for the miners at 10 am on Monday, January 5 at the John Arnold Arena in Sturgis.

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