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Another Tri-State hospital restricts visitors due to flu


Baptist Health in Madisonville is asking anyone under the age of 18, and anyone suffering from flu-like symptoms, not to visit people in the hospital.

Officials say they've had 130 people in the ER with the flu so far this month.

The hospital says it's unusual to restrict visitors but it's something they feel they need to do.

"It is a significant flu season this year, it's been the worst one we've had in several years, we also want to protect them as well as we want to protect other patients and visitors here," said Tammy Merrill, Infection Control Coordinator.

Merrill says the Baptist Health will lift the visitation restriction once they see the number of flu cases start to drop.

Several other Tri-State hospitals, including Deaconess and St. Mary's, have also enforced visitor restrictions.

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