People get money back and more thanks to Evansville Police

People get money back and more thanks to Evansville Police

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Evansville Police help several people get their money back after buying what they thought was an XBOX.

Derrick Barton saw a good deal for the gaming console on Facebook.

Barton met the seller at the Thortons on Burkhardt and Morgan Avenue and paid him $300.

When Barton got home and opened the box, he found towels and books but no XBOX

Barton was able to track down some information about the seller from Facebook.

Police officers then went to the home of one of the suspects, and the boy's mom gave police - and Barton - the boy's own XBOX.

The same thing happened to Candice Childers.

Childers was also able to get her XBOX, eventually. She says she's learned her lesson.

"If you're purchasing stuff offline whether its Facebook or Craigslist, make sure you check over your items thoroughly before you give them the money, because that was my downfall, but I mean then again, he's obviously good at what he does because the box was still factory sealed," says Childers.

Police say they don't expect to any charges to be filed.

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