Evansville mail carrier pays it forward

Evansville mail carrier pays it forward

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Although Christmas is now over, the spirit of giving is continuing on.

Bryan Knicely got a surprise in his mailbox on Christmas Eve from U. S. Postal Service worker, Donna. Knicely told 14 News Donna is also his mail carrier where he works, at the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science.

Knicely said Donna saw his holiday cards addressed to the Museum over Christmas. When she realized he wouldn't get them until after the holiday, she delivered them right to his front door step instead.

Knicely said this isn't the first time Donna's been caught going above and beyond what's required of her.

"One of our employees had a sister who was stranded because her car was not working. Donna recognized her, picked her up and took her home. Donna has done many other nice things to people here in our community over the last thirty years," said Knicely.

Knicely was even more impressed and thankful by the hand written note she attached with his mail. He said he has a thank you card with a gift card inside to give to her, the next time he sees her around.

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