"All Things Fresh" toy drive

"All Things Fresh" toy drive

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The local group, All Things Fresh, wraps up its toy drive.

Through flyers and Facebook, the group spread the word to raise money and Memorial Baptist Church hosted the giveaway.

Sponsors raffled off bikes and other big ticket items to make this Christmas extra special.

"We actually just wanted to give people something big because not only are we doing a raffle, but we're still giving away a lot of toys as well," said Jesh Sumbry, Promoter, All Things Fresh.

"I was that kid that was less fortunate, going from foster home to foster home. So, for me, it's a personal thing. It's a joy to know you just blessed this kid who never or probably will never have a Christmas like this," said Romell Frieson, Promoter, All Things Fresh.

There was also live music at the giveaway, making it a real holiday event.

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