Young boy's dream to become a firefighter comes true

Young boy's dream to become a firefighter comes true

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Five-and-half-year-old Jordin McLinn wants to be a firefighter, but he has Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

There is no cure and he will likely lose the ability to walk by age 12. Life expectancy is 20 years.

"Most kids are starting to think about their careers and dreams close to age 20, but Jordin might not have that opportunity. It is 100 percent fatal,"said Jordin's mom, Laura.

So Laura put together a resume for her son and wrote a letter to the Indianapolis Fire Department to ask if they could help fulfill Jordin's wish.

On Wednesday, Jordin went to 'interview' with Ladder 13.

"We're going to have to get with him, find out what his strengths are and then we will definitely be working around his strengths because I'm sure there are plenty of them," said Captain Tim Robinson, Indianapolis Fire Department.

Jordin learned how to communicate and then slide down a pole.  He said the best part of the day was the ladder truck.

"You want to see your kids happy, you want to see their dreams come true, and today is a dream come true for my son," said Laura.

Jordin received a letter from IFD on Christmas Day telling him that he had been selected as an honorary firefighter.  It said he is to report in January for pre-recruit class training.

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