Cat rescued from Warrick Co. landfill

Cat rescued from Warrick Co. landfill

WARRICK CO., IN (WFIE) - A cat was rescued from a dumpster at a Warrick County landfill.

Animal Control officials have named him 'Warrick'.

Danielle Barnes said she climbed in an almost empty dumpster to rescue him.

Warrick quickly ran into a cage, which made Barnes believe he wasn't feral.

She told us feral cats usually avoid people.

"I'd say warrick is pretty darn lucky, because if anybody had not seen him and thrown something heavy, I mean he could have gotten hurt, killed, I mean really if he had broken a leg or something and suffered and people just threw trash on him and then buried," said Barnes.

She said Warrick will stay at animal control for six days, and if no one claims him, he will be up for adoption.

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