Kiwanis bring Santa Claus to Gibson Co.

Kiwanis bring Santa Claus to Gibson Co.

PRINCETON, IN (WFIE) - Santa Claus stopped in Gibson County on Wednesday.

With Santa's help, the Princeton Kiwanis Club and the Gibson County Sheriff's Office treated 24 first graders to snacks and presents.

The students were chosen by their teachers at the Princeton Community Primary School.

Gibson County Sheriff George Ballard has been a member of Kiwanis since 1977.

He says the club has funded the Christmas event for children in the community for about 40 years. Ballard says seeing the smiles on faces of the children is worth every penny.

"Ohh, it's a lot of fun," says Ballard. "It is a good chance for the Kiwanians to interact with kids and that is what Kiwanis is all about, helping kids in our community. This really becomes a one on one because a lot of the Kiwanians help [the kids] open the package and some of them have to have batteries put in so they go to the Kiwanians for that so it makes for a fun and interactive event."

Sheriff Ballard will be retiring from his position at the end of the year but says he will continue to be involved in Kiwanis.

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