Colder, Snow?

Colder, Snow?

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dry today, snow tomorrow?

It's colder out there this morning, but later today it should be a little brighter. Byron says temperatures will sink into the upper 20's this morning, with high's only in the mid to upper 30's this afternoon. He says the next chance of precipitation could be some snow early on Thursday, with better chances as we move into the weekend.

Found after 18 years

18 years after she was reported missing, a Fairfield, Illinois woman has been found alive.  Now she's in jail.  Authorities say Shavonna Welty was charged with forgery in 1995.  She went missing a year later.  Illinois State Police have been looking for her ever since.  The details on Sunrise.

Sony hacking scandal

There are new threats from those claiming responsibility for the attack against Sony pictures studios.

Toy Town distribution 

Deanna Allbrittin will be live at the Salvation Army to size up how this year's annual Toy Town event went ahead of today's distribution to area families.

The Voice finale

There's a new country music star in the world, as the winner of season 7 of "The Voice" has been chosen.  We'll tell you all about it on Sunrise.

So enjoy your Wednesday, and we'll see you on Sunrise.