Alcoa employees shop for the Salvation Army

Alcoa employees shop for the Salvation Army

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Employees of the Alcoa Warrick Operations took some time off work Friday morning to shop for children in need.

Around 20 people showed up at the east side Target to help the Salvation Army's Toy Town drive.

The group was divided into teams and each filled up a cart with hundreds of dollars worth of toys, art supplies, sporting goods and baby items.

They used money raised through by company's safety challenge to make their purchases.  Employees were rewarded each time they stopped a job for safety.

"The main thing is we do it for safety at our work place. But the other great thing is you help out the kids. Shows off that Alcoa will donate to the community for things we just do everyday at work", said Doug Hunsaker, Alcoa employee.

Major David Minks from the Salvation Army says Alcoa spent around $5300 while shopping for the annual Toy Town drive.

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