Housekeeper arrested

Housekeeper arrested

We have new information this morning on Sunrise about a Dubois County housekeeper accused of stealing prescription medications from homes.

“Torture report”

There's more fallout this morning from the release of a Senate report detailing extreme techniques used on terror suspects after 9-11.  Many are appalled, but former CIA officials insist it's not torture.  We'll have the latest.

More clouds

Byron Douglas is back and says clouds will stick around through tonight.  The sun should make a return on Thursday and Friday.  We're starting this morning off in the mid to upper 30s.  Byron's complete forecast is coming up on Sunrise.

Toy Town final push

Collection for our annual Toy Town drive for the Salvation Army ends this Friday, and we still want your help.  Deanna Allbrittin is Live at Sunrise to see how the drive's been going so far and what is still needed.

Unique friendship

An Evansville boy and his garbage man have developed a unique friendship.  We have some adorable video to show you this morning that will melt your heart!

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