Wife of truck driver murdered in Detroit gives birth to baby girl

Wife of truck driver murdered in Detroit gives birth to baby girl

FERDINAND, IN (WFIE) - Mike Boeglin passed away earlier this year when he was shot and killed while working as a truck driver in Detroit and his pregnant wife, Ashley, was left without a loving husband's support.

Friday morning, around 7:00 am, MacKenzie Albury Boeglin came into this world at seven pounds one ounce and 20 and a half inches.

"It's so overpowering," says Ashley. There's no words to describe exactly how it feels."

The beautiful baby girl is, according to Ashley, a "spitting image" of her father, Mike making MacKenzie's birth even more emotional.

"She's got his lips and his nose and a full head of dark hair and those eyes, they're still changing color, but they're shaped just like her daddy's," says Ashley. "Nobody else has felt the things that I've felt besides her because she was a part of me when everything occurred."

Although Mike couldn't be there physically, Ashley says she knows he's been by her side.

"Even just so much as just having his picture here with me, just to be able to look at him and see him smiling back, let me know that he was right here, watching over both of us," says Ashley.

While Ashley's been at the hospital, family and friends have been working to get the house and nursery baby ready.

Ashley says, "it's a blessing to have so many people who care about us in our lives."

A project Mike started, before he lost his life that's now, nearly complete.

"Honestly couldn't be where we are today without their love and support," says Ashley.

MacKenzie may not get to meet her dad in person, but Ashley says, there's no doubt she'll carry his memory with her forever.

"To be able to just talk to her about her father has been a joy to me already," says Ashley. "Although daddy's not here, he's with us always."

Ashley also tells us that Detroit police are now working on a new lead in Mike's case.

So far, they haven't made any arrests or named a suspect.

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