"Black Friday" starts at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, is that too early?

"Black Friday" starts at 6 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day, is that too early?

HENDERSON, KY (WFIE) - Traditional Black Friday shopping is starting earlier and earlier every year.

K-Mart will start their sales before you even have breakfast tomorrow. But, are the earlier open times ruining thanksgiving? 

Black Friday deals start at K-Mart at 6 a.m. While some customers say Thanksgiving is all about spending time at home with their loved ones, most tell me their tradition is evolving into shopping with their families. 

K-mart began expanding their Black Friday hours back in 1991. To best serve the needs of their shoppers, this year, K-Mart will remain open for 42 hours. That's until Friday at 10 p.m.

If you wish to forgo the Thanksgiving shopping madness altogether, Black Friday deals are already available online. But most shoppers agree, the tradition of snagging the best deals in town with loved ones, isn't changing any time soon.

"I think it's good because it gives them a head start. In a way it's bad, because they're leaving their children early. But it's good because they get a head start with trying to get shopping in for their kids and they hurry up and get it done and that's out of the way," said shopper Megan Hamby.

"I think their response is, yes they like the expanded hours because it's based on if they're working or not and what their family needs are so that they can get in here and do some shopping," said store manager Kevin Meyer.

K-Mart is not the only store opening that early, Walmart will be open all day on Thanksgiving.

Other big name store like Best Buy, Macy's, and Target won't open their doors until Thursday evening.

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