Local college students react to violent Ferguson protests

Local college students react to violent Ferguson protests

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Local college students reacting today to the protests on Monday night in Ferguson.

Students we talked to at the University of Evansville and USI say while they support a person's right to protest, many took it too far.

The students saying burning buildings and looting won't solve anything.

But others understand the frustration.

" I personally don't believe in burning buildings but history says that's the way we react when you don't feel like you've been heard," says UE student Taylor Williams.

" That's not going to do anything.  You can't take back the verdict, you can't bring Mike Brown back," says USI student Samuel Hunter.

" I mean at the end of the day, that's just causing a lot of damage.  Things are going to have to get replaced.  People are going to lose money and things like that.  You just have to put yourself in the other's shoes and realize everything doesn't revolve around you."

And 14News has confirmed that a march in response to the Ferguson decision will take place this Sunday at 2:30 in Evansville, starting at Memorial Baptist Church.

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