$150K grant to help buy more football helmets

$150K grant to help buy more football helmets


The Jefferson County Board of Education is being offered a $150,000 grant to help pay for more than 200 football helmets to prevent concussions among student athletes.

The Courier-Journal
 reports the board is expected to vote Monday on the two-year grant from Norton Healthcare.
The 235 new helmets are four-star rated and are meant to replace many of the district's helmets that are rated two stars or below. Helmets are ranked on a five-star safety scale, with one- and two-star helmets considered marginal or adequate in their safety.

A recent report from the Courier-Journal on concussions among athletes showed that repeated concussions can cause long-term problems like headaches, depression or memory loss.

Officials say the grant would also be used to help hire athletic trainers.
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