Snow removal crews prepare early for the snow

Snow removal crews prepare early for the snow

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville Street Maintenance Department sent out snow removal crews around 10 p.m. Sunday night to start clearing the main roads around Evansville.

The department had been monitoring the snowfall all Sunday evening and had crews on standby to go out and remove the snow once it accumulated on the roads and became a safety hazard.

Friday crews went out and pre-treated all the hills and some of the main roads in Evansville in anticipation of the snow.

Sunday evening crews trading out the pre-treatment, and loaded trucks up with salt for snow removal.

Dennis Hudnall, the Superintendent of the Evansville Street Maintenance Department says that elevated roads such as the Lloyd Expressway and Highway 164 get slick before other main roads.

As soon as the snow started to accumulate on the roads, crews were sent out to run the main snow routes, which include main roads and school bus routes.

"Public safety is our main thing, so we monitor that to make sure that its not going to cause accidents are anything like that, so that's why were in here now, and we're probably going to be here until 10, 11 o'clock before we call somebody in here," said Hudnall.

There are 11 main routes that cover all of Evansville and once they get those routes cleared and determined safe, they will go on to their secondary routes with the roads that aren't used very much, but still need to be cleared.

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