Roads starting to get slick; crews head out

Roads starting to get slick; crews head out

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Snow removal crews hit the road in Evansville Sunday night.

They pretreated all the hills and some of the main roads on Friday in anticipation of the snow.

Now trucks are being loaded with salt to treat the roads and plows are getting ready.

Elevated roads such as the Lloyd Expressway and I-164 get slick before other main roads.

As soon as the snow starts to accumulate on the roads, crews will be sent out to run the main snow routes and school bus routes.

"Public safety is our main thing so we monitor that to make sure that its not going to cause accidents are anything like that, so that's why were in here now, and we're probably going to be here until 10, 11 o'clock before we call somebody in here," said Dennis Hudnall, Superintendent, Street Maintenance Department.

There are 11 main routes that cover all of Evansville.  Once those routes are clear and safe, crews will move on to secondary routes with the roads that aren't used very much but still need to be cleared.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding says it doesn't matter if we get a dusting of snow or five inches, the roads are going to be dangerous if drivers aren't careful.

Wedding says I-164 in northern Vanderburgh County is usually one of the problem areas.

"They hit a sheet of ice and their vehicle becomes a bobsled so we ask people to slow down and look ahead. Look at the conditions. If you leave your house and you see that the road seems to be a little icy or your car has ice on it then the roads are probably going to have ice on it so you have to adjust your driving to those conditions so we are talking about slowing down, take your time, be courteous of other people and just pay attention to the conditions of the road way," said Wedding.

Roads are likely to get more slick throughout the Tri-State as temperatures and the snow continue to fall. 

To check out the latest on road conditions:

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