Stocking up and getting ready for the snow

Stocking up and getting ready for the snow

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Many people in the Tri-State rushed to the stores on Sunday to stock up on supplies.

Grocery and convenience stores were full of last minute shoppers who were preparing for the snow.

At Target on Evansville's east side, the parking lot was full.

Employees said they had a steady stream of shoppers throughout the day.

Many people we spoke to said they were running errands and shopping for groceries or games to play with their kids if there is a snow day on Monday.

"We just decided to go to Walmart and pick up a few groceries before just in case school got canceled tomorrow or delayed and then got a few more things here," said Michael Hill, Target shopper.

"I'm a teacher and so if we do get snowed in tomorrow we are looking forward to actually roasting marshmallows and making home made pizzas and baking a little definitely don't want to be stuck at home with nothing to do for the kids so if it happens were prepared," said Kim Bell, Target shopper.

A couple of shoppers we talked to also said they were going to pick up some firewood as well.

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