Salt shortage in Posey County

Salt shortage in Posey County

MT. VERNON, IN (WFIE) - In Posey County, street crews are preparing for the winter weather but a shortage of salt in the area is forcing them to pay more for the salt and, in some cases, get less of it.

The city of Mount Vernon currently has 350 tons of salt in storage.  The city ordered 200 more tons of this salt and they'll be getting that but in Posey County a request for 600 tons was only met by a 200 ton delivery"

Jim Alsop, a commissioner in Posey County, says the county ordered 600 tons of salt but, because of the shortage, it only received 200 tons of it.

Alsop says the county has an additional 400 tons in storage so, he says, the county should be able to get through the winter.

The street commissioner for the city of Mount Vernon, Max Dieterle, says the same about the city.

"I'd say we are prepared for a somewhat normal winter," says Dieterle.

Mount Vernon currently has 350 tons of salt in storage. The city ordered 200 more tons of salt and, luckily, they will be getting it.  Dieterle says the city will be ready for the weather but he admits that that preparedness came at a high price.

"When we ordered our salt, we took our bids on it and they came in about 79% higher than last year," Dieterle says.  "Last year we paid $58 per ton and this year it was $98 per ton."

The city can afford it this winter but it was a steep increase that Dieterle blames on mother nature.

"I think it was from last year. The south was hit so hard and they don't normally require that much salt," says Dieterle.

He says crews will be pre-treating the roads on Saturday afternoon.

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