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Henderson man becomes advocate against cyberbullying after nephew commits suicide


A Henderson man is on a mission to make sure what happened to his nephew two years ago doesn't happen again. 

Stephen Johnson says his nephew, a Henderson County High School graduate, committed suicide after being bullied online. 

Now, Johnson is taking it upon himself to delete online content of local students that is extremely abusive and offensive.

Johnson created his own Instagram and Twitter pages in 2013 and began scanning the online profiles of Henderson's high school and middle school students.

He then flags and reports any pictures or posts he believes are victimizing students in an effort to have social media sites delete them. 

"If it means shutting it down and helping someone who is feeling this, then it is definitely worth it. If I knew back then, with my nephew, what I knew now, would I say it would have helped? Possibly. Would I say it would have stopped it? Maybe not. But in my mind I think it would have helped," said Johnson.

Some students have created entire websites and profiles dedicated to posting extremely derogatory and graphic comments and pictures of their peers. 

Johnson's goal is to have those shut down permanently.

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