Vanderburgh Co. weekly restaurant reports

Vanderburgh Co. weekly restaurant reports

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Here are the latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh County Health Department as submitted to WFIE:


Breaktime Bar & Grill, 1323 S. Barker Ave., 2 non-critical violations: back and front door lacking proper seal, old mice droppings behind bar

Franklin Street Tavern, 2126 W. Franklin St., 1 non-critical violation: unfinished wood at end of bar and at cash registers seal or paint for a smooth, washable surface.  By liquor storage too.

Marathon #115, 2905 Broadway, 1 non-critical violation: freezer walk-in and sandwich reach-in need maintenance.  Not holding correct temperatures.

Burger King #6490, 900 Main, 1 critical violation: plumbing at mop sink needs repair; 1 non-critical violation: equipment in need of cleaning

I.H. Food Mart, 1526 Judson St., 1 critical violation: no grease trap maintenance log; 4 non-critical violations: doors not sealed from outside, straws at self service station not individually wrapped or in a dispenser, ice guard soiled, light shields lacking 2 lights in kitchen area

Shing-Lee, 215 Main Street, 1 non-critical violation: meats in freezer stored in unused to-go bags.  Number 10 cans re-used to store knives and spoons.

Acropolis, 501 N. Green River Rd., 3 non-critical violations: no soap at hand sink, no disposable towels at hand sink, no hot water at hand sink

Two Brothers Chinese, 3806 First Avenue, 1 non-critical violation: floors & walls in need of cleaning

Fazoli's, 5232 Weston Rd., 1 non-critical violation: dish machine soiled, floor by dish machine & 3 compartment sink soiled

Little Italy, 4430 First Ave., 2 non-critical violations: facility in need of cleaning under equipment, inadequate lighting in dish area

XPress Pantry, 221 N. Fulton Ave., 2 non-critical violations: wet wiping cloths not stored in sanitizer solution, lacking test kit for sanitizer

No violations:

Lee's Famous Recipe, 411 N. St. Joseph Ave.

The Deli, 1 Main Street

China Experience, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Subway, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Bourbon Street Grill, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Randall's Pizzeria, 800 N. Green River Rd.

Auntie Ann's, 800 N. Green River Rd.

China Garden, 501 N. Main

Subway #19853, 501 N. Main, Suite A

CVS, 609 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Circle S Mar #23, 131 S. Red Bank Rd.

Jason's Deli, 942 N. Green River Rd.

G.D. Ritzy's, 601 N. Green River Rd.

Subway, 3305 N. Green River Rd.

IHOP, 601 N. Burkhardt

Highland Elementary, 6701 Darmstadt Rd.

Central High School, 5400 First Ave.

Grannie's Secret Homemade Desserts, 1701 H Oakhill Rd.

Simpson's Supermarket, 1365 Covert

CVS, 5120 Weston Rd.

Sandy's Cake/Candy Supply, 2301 W. Franklin St.

PG Cafe, 1418 W. Franklin St.

Carver Senior Center, 504 SE 8th St.

The Rathbone, 1320 SE 2nd St.

Sam's Club, 6700 E. Virginia

Auntie Anne's (Walmart), 401 N. Burkhardt

Los Bravos, 3534 First Ave.

St. Mary's Gift Shop, 3700 Washington Ave.

M.J.'s Cafe, 801 St. Mary's Dr.

Subway #23569, 1300 E. Morgan Ave.

St. Theresa, 700 Herndon

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