We're waking up to temperatures more than 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, right around the freezing mark.  Today's high will only climb to about 40 degrees, even with sunshine, and that cold isn't going anywhere.  Byron's complete and chilly forecast is coming up on Sunrise.

Dealing with the chill

Deanna Allbrittin will be live at Sunrise this morning in Evansville showing us current weather conditions and finding out how people are dealing with the big temperature swing!

Overnight police chase

The search is still on for a suspect who led police in Evansville and Henderson on a chase overnight.  The latest is ahead on Sunrise.   

Breaking the rules

City officials in Evansville say drivers are making a potentially dangerous decision and ignoring road closure signs at a busy intersection.  We'll have details.

Soldier AND sailor surprise

Veterans Day turned out to be the perfect opportunity for two members of the military to surprise their families.  The heartwarming videos are coming up!

We hope you'll join us for Sunrise!