Dog helps teacher in classroom

BAY CITY, MI (WEYI) - It's fourth period and sophomore Rachel Kempf is at Saginaw, Michigan's Heritage High School to learn French."It's a really nice class," says Kempf.

But Kempf is walking away learning a whole lot more.

"She's really hard-working," says Kempf referring to her French teacher.

Megan Muladore is hard-working when commanding the classroom and trying to teach the lesson of the day.

Ms. Muladore's very presence in the classroom teaches a much bigger lesson."I've basically used a wheelchair my whole life, since I was 2 years old," Muladore explains.

"She fights through her disability and I really enjoy to see that through her," says Kempf.

Muladore always knew she wanted to be a teacher, but how could she complete basic chores like picking up an eraser?

"It was really something I wanted to do and because I was so motivated to do it, I really wasn't worried about obstacles," says Muladore.

Plus, she has a little help. His name is Link.

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