Honoring our veterans

Honoring our veterans

Honoring our veterans

This morning on Sunrise we'll be looking ahead to events going on in the Tri-State today to honor veterans, including a free breakfast on board Evansville's LST 325.  Deanna Allbrittin will be live at Sunrise with details.  We'll also have a rundown of some special deals for those who've served on this Veterans Day.

Temperature drop

Veterans Day will start off mild with temps in the upper 40s, but a cold front is on its way.  Temperatures tonight could drop into the upper 20s and low 30s.  And we could see some snow this week.  Byron's complete forecast is coming up.

Ebola patient to be released

A New York doctor who contracted Ebola while in West Africa is expected to be released from a hospital today.  We'll have the details.

Recall alert

There's a recall alert for a toy found in McDonald's Happy Meals.  We'll let you know which one you'll want to return.

We'll also be showing photos of veterans sent in by viewers throughout the morning.

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