Loan approved to build new apartment complex in Sebree

Loan approved to build new apartment complex in Sebree

SEBREE, KY (WFIE) - Plans are in the works to redevelop a Webster County bean field, just south of Sebree, into an apartment complex. That idea though isn't going over too well with some.

In September, the Kentucky Department of Local Government approved to give JEM Development a $700,000 loan to purchase the land.

In that letter it says JEM plans to build housing for workers employed in Webster County.

In July, officials in Sebree canceled a public hearing for an apartment complex to be built in town, also being developed by JEM development.

Lisa Liggett lives down the road from the new site. She says she wasn't happy about the plan to build apartments in July and still isn't because of an issue of overcrowding.

"Whoever will be living in these apartments, the school, at this point in time, really can't handle them," says Liggett. "And I'm just looking for the truth, of what's going on with these apartments and who will be living in them for sure."

14News reached out to Webster County Judge Executive, Jim Townsend, and officials with JEM Development on Friday but was told they were out for the day.

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