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One Long Scary Night...A Stranded Motorist Tells Her Story

Reporter: Shannon Samson

Mary Craddock was driving from a relative's house near Springfield back home to Hartford, Kentucky when traffic came to a dead halt on Interstate 64 north of Evansville.

She says the wind was howling and snow and ice were pelting her car. "I had under a half a tank of gas. I ended losing gas probably about midnight or two o'clock. We had no heat. To pass the time, all the kids did was fight."

Eleven-year-old Danielle and eight-year-old Tyler were antsy as they sat clutching their tiny Chihuahua puppy. Mom couldn't help but think the worst. Craddock says, "What was I going to do when I ran out of gas? how was I going to keep my kids warm? how was I going to feed them? I had no food in the car, nothing."

Finally, a National Guardsman drove by in a Humvee. She jumped out of the car and pushed the kids through a huge snow drift to get to the rescue vehicle. Craddock says, "While I was climbing up the ditch to push them up, I lost my shoes in the process. So they're in the snow somewhere. I have no socks, no shoes."

She arrived at the Red Cross shelter barefooted, but she and the kids were warm. They had food and Mary says she was grateful. Still, the situation was not ideal. Craddock says, "The worst part is being stranded here with people I don't know, knowing my husband is at home worried about us. He might end up having to spend Christmas by himself. My kids won't even get Christmas because we're here."

As Mary shared her story with us on our Midday news Thursday, her husband was home in Hartford watching, relieved his family was OK. He called to say he was coming to get them and they would all be together for Christmas.

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