Split decision

Split decision

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dry early, rain late

14 Dual Doppler is tracking non severe weather to our west.  Byron says rain will draw closer on this election day, however most will fall this afternoon.  It's not as cool this morning and it's frost free for the second morning in a row with temps in the mid to upper 40's. There are even some lower 50's dotting the landscape.  Your complete election day forecast on Sunrise.

Decision 2014

Election day has finally arrived. After all the campaigning and the onslaught of political advertising, it's time for you to make your choices.  Polls nationwide have tightened, which could make for a lengthy election night.  Deanna Allbrittin begins our coverage on Sunrise with a look at some key local races, and also check on voter turnout.  The 14 News team will be covering all the hot races throughout the day and night.


All eyes will be on the Grimes-McConnell race for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. We'll have the latest on that race as well.  So keep it on 14 News for team coverage of Decision 2014.

Massive tire fire

A large fire continues to burn at a tire recycling plant in Louisville. Authorities say it could be a couple of days before the fire is out.

Nearby residents are being told stay indoors because of the poor air quality. We'll have the latest.

Colts rebound

Andrew Luck threw for four touchdowns as the Colts' defense kept Eli Manning and the Giants off balance in Indianapolis' 40-24 romp last night. Luck led the Colts to a lopsided win one week after a 51-34 loss to Pittsburgh.  The highlights on Sunrise.

So enjoy your day, don't forget to vote, and we'll see you on Sunrise.