Taking a Stand: EVSC grades

Taking a Stand: EVSC grades

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation learned some exciting and unprecedented news recently.

Although not formally approved by the Indiana State Board of Education at this time - EVSC's School Accountability grades have dramatically improved.

The percentage of schools earning an A or B has grown by 300 percent in just two years!

And now with 15 A rated schools, the majority of our schools are rated as an A or B.

The only way our district could accomplish such historic improvement is by working together as a team - with a clear focus on student achievement.

Not only is there improvement in ISTEP pass rates with students who have come to us ready to learn; but there are also incredible gains being made with students who have struggled in the past.

Teams of teachers have spent hours poring over data and analyzing results to help all students reach their fullest potential.

This incredible accomplishment is not due to one strategy, or even several initiatives that have been applied, but it's the synergy of strategies and interventions, coupled with the leadership of our EVSC Board of School Trustees and the hard work of our students, EVSC teachers, and staff.

Please thank them the next time you see them.

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