It Takes a Village celebrates fourth anniversary

It Takes a Village celebrates fourth anniversary

It Takes a Village Canine Rescue started this day, four years ago. 

At its humble beginnings on October 29, 2010, it was just a group of dog lovers fostering about 10 dogs between them.

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Now, it's grown to a shelter rescuing dogs from across the country. Some of the canines have been abused, some neglected and others abandoned.

In their first full year of operation, they rescued 365 dogs. Already this year, they've rescued 538.

ITV is a no-kill shelter, meaning even dogs that haven't been adopted since they opened their facility in 2012, get to stay. In other shelters, they may have been euthanized.

Amber Boyd from ITV says the list of things they need to continue operating seems never-ending at times.

ITV is a grassroots organization that doesn't receive any major grants or government funding. They are entirely reliant on community members to volunteer and donate.

Boyd says they hope to continue to provide a safe haven for the community's dogs for as long as possible.

To do that, they need cash donations and a long list of items including towels and cleaning supplies.

For a full list of their needs, call ITV at 812-250-9246 or email them at

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