Taking a Stand: Council shouldn't politicize city's budget

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - The Evansville City Council is starting to aggravate me . That's about as strong as a statement I can make about what happened Monday night at the city council meeting.

Refusing to pass a budget that the finance committee approved, is the most childish behavior I've seen in elected officials.

I applaud Missy Mosby, Doctor Dan Adams, and Dan McGinn for voting to pass the budget, to give the city of Evansville an opportunity to continue to grow, and not put any jobs at risk.

I stood here no more than two weeks ago, begging the council to talk to the department heads and the people who do the work to find savings.

To listen to the people, and not ignore them.

To not create fear – to not make people think they are going to lose their jobs.

Yet here we are.

Now, in order to get a budget passed, the council or Mayor will have to call a special session to try and get a budget passed before the November 3rd deadline.

It should have never gotten to this point.

I agree 100% with the Mayor's quote to 14NEWS, that this is an embarrassment to the city.

This kind of childish squabbling does more harm to the city and its reputation, than any good that can come from quote unquote – money saving tactics.

I'm sorry, but that's foolish.

To the people of Evansville – Take a Stand against politicizing the city's budget. Contact your city council representative and let them know, enough is enough.

That's my stand – what's yours?

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