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Vigil remembers and honors victims of domestic violence

Tonight, dozens of people met at First Presbyterian Church in Owensboro to celebrate the lives of domestic violence survivors and remember the victims. In the United States the numbers are staggering. One in four women are abused. Dottie Payne was one of them.  "I grew up in a home full of domestic violence and it was scary growing up as a child. You would go to bed and you would hear your mother and father screaming, things breaking, and stuff. It's traumatizing," said Payne.

The names of Kentuckians who have been killed as a result of domestic violence over the last year were read. A balloon was released to honor and remember them. Dottie now works as a support services assistant at Oasis, a shelter that provides a safe place for women and their children to escape the trauma of domestic violence. "They didn't die without a cause. We have a cause to make sure it doesn't happen to the next individual," said Payne. The vigil is part of Domestic Violence Awareness month. For more information on Oasis you can call 270-685-0260 or visit

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