Evansville City Council vote against 2015 budget cuts

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - After first approving the budget, the Evansville City Council took a second vote and struck down the proposal.

The decision comes with a deadline fast approaching to send a budget to the state and now the city might have to operate under the current 2014 budget and seek even more cuts.

The final vote was 6-to-3.

Missy Mosby, Dr. Dan Adams, and Dan McGinn all voting to pass the budget.

Robert's Park, Shot Spotter and Firefighter Physicals were all turned down for the 2015 budget.

Roberts Park was turned down with a vote of 9-0.

The finance committee initially approved the budget.

Then full council then reversed the decision.

The council approved a pay raise for city employees that the mayor says amounts to $1.5-million that will have to come from cuts in other programs.

At the beginning of the meeting both Missy Mosby and Connie Robinson said they didn't want to take their raise if it means cutting items that both consider to improve the quality of life.

Dan McGinn said it all comes down to making decisions about what is really needed.

O'Daniel motioned cutting .75% across the board in general parks and funds with exception of the zoo.

Fire Chief Mike Connelly was concerned because he wanted to add security at his administration building.

Assistant Police Chief Chris Pugh said if that passed, it would affect the service they provide and it would be a huge hit, but that didn't end up passing.

The members have until November 3 to decide what to do with the 2015 budget.Shot spotter was sstricken6-3

If no decision is made, they will have to revert back to the 2014 budget.

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