Vanderburgh Co. weekly food inspection reports

Vanderburgh Co. weekly food inspection reports

VANDERBURGH CO., IN (WFIE) - Here are the latest food inspection reports from the Vanderburgh County Health Department as submitted to WFIE:

Establishments with violations

Holiday Retirement Village, 1200 Buena Vista, 1 non-critical violation: insufficient refrigeration/freezer

Burger King #1264, 4400 First Ave., 1 non-critical violation: mop sink area needs repair

China Garden, 501 N. Main, 5 critical violations: roach activity present, items in walk-in not covered, no date marking, bulk ingredients lacking scoops, improper knife storage; 5 non-critical violations: kitchen prep area in need of cleaning, improper thawing of shrimp, containers not being air dried, ware washing sink used for hand washing non-food contact surfaces soiled

Country Mark, 2912 Lincoln Ave., 3 critical violations: cappuccino machine soiled, food dispensing parts of Coke, cappuccino, and tea machine not being washed, rinsed and sanitized, condensation line draining in 3 compartment sink; 3 non-critical violations: nozzles of Coke dispensing machine soiled, microwave soiled, 3 compartment sink soiled

Golden Corral, 130 Cross Pointe Boulevard, 2 non-critical violations: wall behind dish machine needs repair and cleaning, dishes being stacked wet

Jaya's Authentic Foods, 119 SE 4th, 3 non-critical violations: lacking thermometer as sushi reach-in, lacking sanitzer test kit, glasses sores with serving ice at bar

Chilly Willy's Pub, 3039 Claremont Ave., 1 non-critical violation: lacking sanitizer test kit

Logan's Roadhouse, 5645 Pearl Drive, 1 non-critical violation: dish machine jets soiled

Dollar General, 720 Lincoln Ave., 3 non-critical violations: damaged products held attracting rodent activity, clean damaged product area more frequently, dumpster floor area soiled

Grandy's, 722 Landbridge Way, 1 critical violation: lacking grease trap maintenance log, 3 non-critical violations: 2 compartment sink handle leaking, underside of mixer soiled, water accumulating throughout the kitchen

Establishments without violations

Salad World Downtown, 200 A. Main Street

Bitterman's Downtown Market, 204 Main Street

Dairy Queen, 5200 Division Street

Sweet Betty's Bakery, 5600 Virginia St., Suite E

Nagasaki Inn, 5720 E. Virginia St.

Los Portales, 3339 N. Green River Road

Get & Go Casseroles, 6840 Logan Dr., Suite A

Taco Tierra, 420 S. Green River Road

Aldi Foods Inc., 214 S. Rosenberger Ave.

Quick Mart, 400 Madison Ave.

Sunshine Juice Co., 204 Main Street

Marathon #103, 201 E. Louisiana

Deerhead Sidewalk Cafe, 222 E. Columbia

Firehouse Subs, 222 S. Red Bank Rd.

Long John Silvers, 4625 W. Pennsylvania St.

McDonalds, 115 S. Rosenberger Ave.

Subway, 200 S. Green River Road

Firehouse Subs, 1031 N. Green River Road

Casey's, 2020 S. Green River Road

Co-op Country Store, 5015 N. St. Joseph Ave

Subway, 335 S. Red Bank Rd.

Taco John's, 604 N. St. Joseph Ave.

Metro Sports Center, 5820 Metro Centre Dr.

CVS, 4700 Lincoln Ave.

Spudz & Stuff, 815 S. Green River Road

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