Students experience texting-while-driving simulator

Students experience texting-while-driving simulator


Students at North High School learn what happens when you're not paying attention on the road.

As part of its "It Can Wait" campaign, AT&T brought a texting-while-driving simulator to the school on Friday morning.

Senior Zach Turi was surprised when he crashed within minutes of getting in the simulator.

"It definitely was an eye opener. It shows you how to not text while drive because it's very difficult to do both and it shows us how dangerous it is so AT&T does a really good job with this and it kind of shows us how we shouldn't do this because its really not worth it," said Turi.

The simulator exercise is leading up to Red Ribbon Week for EVSC schools.

Students will be encouraged to make good choices, like driving safely, and also staying drug and alcohol free.

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